The Press Room (as was)

7 Oct

I took this a few weeks ago and meant to find out a bit more but somehow never did. So now I find it’s a fully functioning pop-up restaurant made from scaffolding and boards and a bit open to the elements. Naturally it’s only temporary and it’s closing on … well, erm … yesterday, as it happens … Ooops!

ATM x 4

7 Oct

I’ve never heard anyone IRL, as they say, call these ATMs maybe a hole-in-the-wall or cash machine but never ATM. Anyhow all these 800kg money boxes are (like me) still running Windows XP; it’s nice to know your money is safe behind the latest technology innit?

"Wenn ich Kultur höre …

5 Oct

Like any town or city these days the Kulturstadt has its share of homeless and down-on-their-luck folks sheltering in doorways or under the BHS mosaic, always managing to be just out of sight under cardboard or heaps of scruffy bedding. I believe last year these people were being encouraged to volunteer for the year of fun so as not to feel excluded and “be part of the exciting stuff”. Judging by my own eyes I don’t think that has been too successful. 
The weekend in black and white is here.

Some geese and a couple of manky mallards

4 Oct

I know, I mean, well manky is not a nice word but it seems among British birdwatching folks these beautiful mallard hybrids have been given this disparaging soubriquet, manky mallards. Maybe that says more about the birdwatchers than these individuals.

Manky, moi?

This guy was the size of a goose. Who are you calling manky?

The Tower

2 Oct

I’ve shown this former cinema before but so long ago that a revisit is almost obligatory. The place has had many uses it is now a night club called Funktion. The domes I’ve learned (and should have remembered but you know how the memory fades with age) are replacements after the originals were removed illegally in 2003ish. I like this place; its designers seemed to have taken as many architectural ornaments as they could carry and stuck them together in a pleasing fashion.

I’ve read that it is equally flash inside. You want a sneeky peek inside? Try this from when the place was closed a few years ago.

Stepney Lane

2 Oct

Before Hull got too big for its boots, Stepney was a small hamlet on the road to Beverley close to Sculcoates. I’ve read that it got its name from the presence of a mounting stone or stepping stone, but you how the internet is so take that with a large pinch of good old Saxa salt. Stepney Lane runs from Beverley Road down to the Barmston Drain. There’s a school and the glorious Bull Inn at the far end and a mix of old terraced housing dating from late 1800s/early 1900 and some more modern stuff dating from the 1980s post slum clearance. It’s not exactly a rich area but there were a surprising number of Mercedes, Jaguars and even a Chevrolet parked when I walked down here.

Life’s no fun without …

30 Sep

… City Daily Photo’s theme days. This month’s is ‘Sensual‘ …