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Why did the zebra cross the road?

20 Dec

Zebra had to close earlier this year due to the landlord raising the rent by about 50%.  This is the newly reopened Zebra still on Newland Avenue just across the road, in fact, close to the zebra crossing (yes, I know, it’s just too much). Anyhow here’s wishing Ann good luck in this relaunch.


4 Aug

What can I say about this unique shop? Why is it called Zebra? Why does it have an elephant with a hat in the window …  Why not?  Don’t ask me, ask Ann, the owner who has been running this business for years now, only be prepared for a long chat. It’s the sort of place where conversation seems to take precedence over selling stuff.  Zebra is on Newland Avenue and sells a vast array of arty crafty ethnic occult goods, cards, jewellery, goth stuff, hippy stuff, mermaids, you get the idea … Well worth a visit.