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Costa del Brid

18 Apr

You can achieve wonders by upping the saturation and artfully cropping out unwanted chip shop chimneys to give an almost Mediterranean look to a Bridlington snicket. 
There’s going to be an election in June which apart from boring folk to death will return the present lot to government, destroy what’s left of the Labour Party (not much), annoy the Scots and the Irish (no bad thing in itself) and solve no problem whatsoever. But then that’s politics for you.

A host of godawful Lego bricks

16 Apr

I know, I know I promised never, ever to photograph them but there was no way I could stop Margot clicking away at these truly awful plastic daffs littering the street. And though Wordsworth saw ten thousand at a glance there are, thankfully, just a few hundred of these vile horrors clumped like dried green and yellow snot outside the closed down BHS store appealing to little brats to play chasing games around them. Just dreadful!

Black and White and Colour

1 Mar

So that’s the end of Winter as the meteorologists would have us believe and what a warm wimpy Winter that was. Anyhow on this Saint David’s day the good folk at City Daily Photo want as their theme black and white in colour so here’s what’s best described as the backside of a lecture theatre with a nice daffodil yellow sign to show it’s not monochrome after all.

Clear Guidelines

18 Sep

Those thoughtful people who gave us the generous expansive footpath that I posted the other day just can’t seem to control their urge to keep us yellow stick figures within our limits. These, though rather cute and silly, are not the daftest markings I’ve spotted in this town; that honour goes to this piece of barminess.

A red dot in a sea of blue

17 Sep

Ah the pleasures and agonies of rearranging the electoral boundaries! This week has seen proposals to cut fifty seats from the House of Commons, that’s MPs voting for fifty redundancies … well I’ll wait while you get over your sniggering fit. 
As far as I’m concerned if it goes ahead Cottingham and a few other outlying villages move from the safe, nay possibly the safest, Tory seat in the country to a proposed marginal seat of West Hull and Haltemprice (where or what is a Haltemprice? I’ve no idea!) West Hull at present is a totally safe Labour fiefdom (you see the method behind this, create a marginal, lose a safe Labour seat but keep the remains of a safe Tory seat, most excellent!). It also means that Hull may become a smaller red dot in a sea of blue which may be no bad thing. There are the delicious howlings of the self-serving gerrymandered and hopefully soon to be out-of-a-job politicos. I’m not that bothered really they can try living on the pittance of unemployment benefit they voted for, except they’ll all have cushy little consultancy positions waiting for them. Does my contempt for politics and all politicians look big in this? 
A small concern is it could be the first move to take over the outlying villages and plonk them in with Hull City Council (just for neatness dontcha know) something that 96% voted against only two years ago.

A strange day

24 Jun

I took this on my way to vote in the referendum (voted ‘Leave’ since you ask because, as is well known, I’m a delusional, knuckle-dragging, xenophobic, racist, piece of shit; yes, the eloquent insults of the losing ‘Remainers’ still flow …). Appears even the weeds have UKIP’s colours … It’s not every day you have a vote to leave the EU and the PM resigns with a self-inflicted shotgun wound to his foot … interesting times.


23 Nov
Creyke Beck, Cottingham

Stick up a fence, slap on a yellow sign and hey presto the world’s a safer place …