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A Definite Maybe

20 May

The good ship (sorry, boat) Maybe in Hull’s marina.

Cold, Wet and Windy

15 May

I took this picture on Friday when it was blowing a gale. The noise from the rigging and other sundry items on these boats was just tremendous. Later, while waiting for my transport home, a Polish woman asked me why it was so cold (did she think I was responsible?), she had on a thick coat and hat and looked truly nithered! Since then it’s turned even colder and temperatures are a good 5-6oC below average. Add to that a good overnight soaking. These are all clear signs that Summer is on its way.


12 Sep
The development of Bridlington harbour has been a long running saga with grand plans for marinas bubbling away in the background while local interest groups squabble among themselves. Here at last is something tangible. Built by the Harbour Commissioners, a £250,000 floating pontoon with electricity and running water and berths for 66 craft. This has got to be a boost for Brid’s yachting trade and the money that follows that. Previously boats could only be reached at high tide now now they’re available 24/7. Below shows the almost mediaeval moorings that have been replaced (no, don’t laugh).

Round the World

17 Jul

The Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race ended on Saturday at Hull’s Marina. Ten identical 68 foot boats were involved, each one sponsored by a city, region or country. I believe the winner was Spirit of Australia with the local boat Hull & Humber coming fourth. However; the event was less about a race than advertising the region’s business development and making commercial contacts. Whether the results merited the cost of this somewhat strange way of touting for business remains to be seen.  
It was estimated that between fifty to eighty thousand  people thronged the Marina area to welcome them back and to have a good time with entertainments and food stalls and so on.