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Annison Building

16 Aug

This building has had a few uses over the years, a livery stable, funeral directors, ex-catalogue and second hand goods store and now it’s a pharmacy. It’s a listed building, built around 1900 and it’s unique selling point, as it were, is that the stables in the interior are upstairs reached by a ramp, it’s thought that road widening restricting space necessitated the move upstairs. This survivor from a by-gone age is at the junction of Witham and Great Union Street near the North Bridge. 

Witham & I

15 Mar

Yesterday I had an appointment on Witham otherwise I would not normally spend any time there at all. I have mentioned before that it’s a bleak and dismal space occupied mainly by car sales, small auto related businesses and various night time attractions. I don’t think anybody actually lives on this street. There is an isolated pub that has somehow survived Hitler and the demolition crazies. In this desolate landscape there’s a big Council office which was where I was bound.

The Wind Mill Hotel, Witham

29 Jun

Witham is a road that runs from the river to Holderness Road. I suppose at one time it was a prosperous place but now it’s totally depressing. The main business apart from the large Council offices seems to be the used car trade with its attendant ‘Arthur Daley’ dealerships. Stuck on the end of Witham and looking a bit the worse for wear is the Wind Mill Hotel. It was built towards the end of 19th century as was much of this area. Its chief attraction is the fine tile work the surrounds the ground floor walls. It’s a Grade 2 listed building and I have read that it’s the best night out in Hull for the over 35s which I find difficult to credit.