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Window Pain

6 Sep

I guess an eatery by the name of Roosters Plaice (sic) might not be to everyone’s taste and so it came to pass that the business closed several years ago. Since when it’s been empty and, as is the style in these parts, it has attracted the attention of those who think creation comes through destruction. I heard of plans for a gym for this building on Princes Avenue but that was some time ago and it’s still empty.

You have it to do

19 Mar

It’s a strange compulsion I know, a kind of reflection fetish … Someone puts up a set of windows and you just have to see what reflections they give. So here’s what you get from the office windows around the new dry dock stage. Below is what it looked like straight on. This is, of course, the penguin prison and fish farm a.k.a  the Deep.
Apologies for the grainy pictures, entirely my fault.
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Joining the dots

11 Dec

Do they still have those games for children where you have to draw a line from one number to the next until a kind of hazy picture emerged and you were supposed to think, wow, I drew that? I’ve often wondered if working in an office might not be just a bigger paid version of the same thing. 
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1 Oct

An abandoned doll in…

an abandoned shop in …

an abandoned street.

Guess what today’s theme is at City Daily Photo

Wearing white for Hallowe’en

27 Sep

Endyke Lane Dove House charity shop is gearing itself up for Hallowe’en with this appealing twosome.

Margot took this with her phone as we’d left the camera at home on the grounds that “there’s nothing to photograph on Endyke Lane”. Hmmmph


24 Sep

Having a grill protecting your window is, as you can see, no real protection at all. This one on Vicar Lane clearly should have had the regulation half inch chip board and mandatory coat of black paint
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Paint it black

16 Sep

You might think that being in the unfortunate position of having to board up a window to protect it from hoopleheads and gopniki that you had done enough to safeguard your property. You might think that but you would be making the rookie mistake of forgetting the petty pen pushers who work for the Council’s Environmental Crime Unit (a group of mendacious ninnies who pick on the poorest and ignore the rich, t’was ever thus). They will sooner or later come upon your works and inform you that this is far from adequate; you must “Paint it black” or face an enforcement order so to do! Yes a good lick of black gloss it seems is the sine qua non of window protection.

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