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Renewables: the new blot on the landscape

17 Apr

Bridlington’s south beach has a wonderful view of a wind farm which I suppose is a step up from the view from the beach near where I grew up, Hartlepool’s very own nuclear power station (there were also steel works and petrochemical plants as well but they just seemed to blend in so well). That’s progress for you.
Margot took this picture.

Skidby Mill

5 Nov

Rootling around my old photos for something to post I came across this one of Skidby Mill. It seems I took this a mere eleven years ago. The old mill I’m guessing will still look much the same which is more than can be said about myself or indeed the original post. In the six years since I first posted all the links have been changed or lost, such is the impermanence of all things digital. So if you’ve a hankering to know more about this place then go here or here (but don’t wait too long).

Black Mill

23 Apr
Here’s the old Black Mill on Beverley Westwood again. 

Cliff Mill, Hessle

12 Sep

Close to the Humber Bridge stands this old mill which was built, so the web tells me, in 1806. In case you were wondering that small change in height in the foreground counts as a cliff in these parts.

The Black Mill, Beverley Westwood

31 Aug

Tilting at Windmills, again …

14 May

Following yesterday’s ancient mill here’s the modern version. At over 400 feet this monster towers over area. It supplies power to a chemical factory by the riverside. Local people seem to differ in their opinion of this thing. Many welcome it as a change to a drab industrial view, others complain that interferes with their TV reception. I don’t think I would like to live next to it.

I’m afraid I couldn’t resist a bit of trickery and blended some images to produce the following messy picture.