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Renewables: the new blot on the landscape

17 Apr

Bridlington’s south beach has a wonderful view of a wind farm which I suppose is a step up from the view from the beach near where I grew up, Hartlepool’s very own nuclear power station (there were also steel works and petrochemical plants as well but they just seemed to blend in so well). That’s progress for you.
Margot took this picture.

Rising in the East

3 Dec

These impressive towers, just a shade under 300 feet (I’m of an age that doesn’t do metric), are the first outward sign that production has really gotten off the ground at the new Siemens wind power plant in east Hull. The blades that go with these babies are nearly 250 feet long. When it comes to wind power it seems size matters. These are destined to sit in the North Sea and power our homes and industry at least while the wind blows. I suppose we’ll get used to seeing these things over the coming years but they were quite a surprise when first seen the other day.

Blade runner

15 Jul

Apologies if this is not the finest quality shot but this cargo ship was nearly two miles away across the old Humber. The odd looking items are wind turbine blades heading to some assembly plant upstream. These may not match the world’s longest blades (75m!) but they’re still a fair size. News came only last week of yet another big deal for the wind powered industry with Dong from Denmark (I kid you not) signing to build an offshore turbine complex near Grimsby on the south bank, so we should expect to see more cargoes like this.