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The Virtual Saint Wilberforce

3 Sep

In Paragon Station, tucked away behind the Larkin Statue there’s a machine which displays a video of this green coated 3D monstrosity claiming to be one living breathing up-to-date William Wilberforce (“I’m Hull through and through!”; “So, with others, I set about creating a movement, the first human rights movement in the world.” gives you a flavour). It’s supposed to be a tour-de-force of modern graphic wizardry, actually it’s quite poor quality and the damn thing doesn’t even come close to looking like Wilberforce and has more the look of Mr Potato Head. But that is only the beginning. All day long this ghastly display gives a repetitive narrative of self-encomiums. It’s good job he’s facing forward as the sunlight shining from his backside would be blinding. It is a truly awful thing to behold. It’s also an absolute bugger to photograph as well which is why if you care to peer at this guy’s armpit you will see my own balding potato head, basking in reflective glory.

WW on Chants Ave

5 Jul

I’d seen this Wilberforce thing on Chanterlands Avenue before but never had a camera handy so today armed with a new-to-me Fuji I was prepared.

The man with the golden scroll

5 Feb

There was idle talk sometime back of moving this column back to its original place by Monument Bridge but, surprisingly, wise heads prevailed and it’s staying where it is. However this being the year of culture the scroll, held for so many years in old William Wilberforce’s right hand, has been given a coating of gold leaf. So if your click on the picture to enlarge it and peer, possibly with the help of a magnifying glass, you might just about make out the most useless adornment to a statue in many a long year.

Wilberforce Monument

2 Apr

I have shown this monument to William Wilberforce before but not, I think, from close up and personal. There were rumours of a move back to its original position on Monument Bridge but that is now considered unlikely. Lots of things that were proposed last year are now considered unlikely but that is a story for another day.

The weekend in black and white is here.

Monumental Memorial Madness

25 Jul

Way back in 1935 this thing (well, it is an ugly, phallic monstrosity when all said and done) was rightly considered to be a nuisance and a hazard to traffic and so Hull City Council spent £1,500 moving it from the end of Whitefriargate to the eastern end of Queens Gardens ( see here ). There it stands out of everyone’s way, a focal point, if you like, for the view along the gardens. And there you might think it would stay but you would have reckoned without the all pervading madness that has overcome the City of Culture. The recently announced city facelift that I mentioned some days back includes, if  funds from the National Lottery can be found, a plan to put this darn thing back where it was. I am put in mind of the rearrangement of deckchairs on the Titanic … oh, the cost, I forgot to mention the cost, well multiply the old cost by a thousand and you have it.


29 Mar

Around the corner from the Charterhouse is Bourne Street which has nothing much to boast about other than a view of  this alignment of columns and towers. From left to right: the Wilberforce monument, the spire of St Mary, Lowgate, the old Records Office and finally the Guildhall.

Wise Reflections

8 Jan

I know nothing of what this building is for so, as a wise man once said, if you have nothing to say, say nothing.

This is the Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation, part of the University of  Hull. You’ll find it on High Street right next door to Wilberforce’s house. There’s almost certainly a website but you’re all grown up now and know how to use Google™, so I’ll leave to your own devices.