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Old Chestnuts

26 May

It’s that time of year when the Horse Chestnut trees send forth their floral delights. These contrasting specimens are on the corner of Newland Avenue and Cottingham Road but you can find them spread all over town. Only the white ones produce conkers of any usable size. For some unfathomable reason these are sometimes known as Buckeyes in America … there’s even a fetid buckeye which sounds truly delightful.
Margot took this.

Orange, White and Green

9 Apr

The willow trees on Paragon Street are getting new surrounding walls and some fresh soil by the look of things. I hope the new walls are as comfortable to sit on as the old ones.

Black and White and Colour

1 Mar

So that’s the end of Winter as the meteorologists would have us believe and what a warm wimpy Winter that was. Anyhow on this Saint David’s day the good folk at City Daily Photo want as their theme black and white in colour so here’s what’s best described as the backside of a lecture theatre with a nice daffodil yellow sign to show it’s not monochrome after all.

All white now

15 May

This is the former Port-Side restaurant that I posted a long while back. Then it’s sole point of interest was the purple decor; now it’s just boring.