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Ghosts on West Street

19 Sep

If you ever take a picture of a shop window reflection don’t be surprised if the shopkeeper comes out and asks you just what the heck you think you are doing. He seemed genuinely upset that I was taking pictures of his stock and couldn’t understand that I wasn’t interested in his dummies with school uniforms. This is West Street which connects onto King Edward Street through this archway. At one time (25+ years ago!) traffic could run through this way but for some reason this was stopped as it led to too much human happiness. Anyway I liked the ghostly figures and it was worth taking even if the shopkeeper thinks I’m crazy. He may very well be right.
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Afterthought: Just figured out the storekeeper’s anxiety at my taking pictures. The shop is under investigation by trading standards officers under the consumer protection act. Turns out the shop’s owner was prosecuted last year for breaching schools’ copyright by selling uniforms bearing their crests without permission. Maybe he thought I was gathering evidence and well,  I’d better stop speculating here, don’t want to be held to be in contempt, again