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Rust Park

16 Oct
There’s a wise saying that if a thing ain’t broken you don’t fix it; it goes without saying that Hull Council lacks even this basic savvy. Behold the solution to a problem that did not exist. The new entrance to West Park, dandy ain’t it! Yes that’s real rust, genuine 100% iron oxide. Now Hull folk may not know much about art but they know what they like and they really hate this. “Looks like parts from an old trawler”, “dirty”, “dull” and “The change looks tacky, like it was designed by schoolchildren.” are some of the comments made to the local paper. Not content with this, roads, lined, of course, with rusting curved lamp posts, were built through this quaint old Victorian park splitting it in two.
Now I’m not one to criticise just for the sake of it but this ‘statement’ is meant to impress visitors to Hull especially those going to the football stadium through the park. This heap of rusting junk says, accurately, that Hull is falling apart.
Oh, I forgot, the bill for all this … a mere £7 million.