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Over the shoulder shot

23 Aug

Is there some photographic etiquette about these things? The guy with the expensive camera and tripod and all the trimmings seemed to be taking an age to get it just right, whereas yours truly just pops up points the damn thing, checks it’s somewhat in focus and click and moves on. Today’s image is from yesterday’s Vista Festival on Princes Avenue. I’d never heard of it before but it turns out to be a once every two year thing where they close off the road and have poetry readings, singers, pottery stalls, arty stuff, dancing in the street and so on. Not everything was entirely crowd pulling; this poor guy was playing away and no-one seemed to pay him any attention save  a guy with a tripod and a weird guy who just popped up and took a photo and moved on. 
A goodly crowd turned up braving the Bank Holiday Weekend weather of sunshine and heavy showers.