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1 Oct

This month’s theme of ‘abandoned’ could have been designed for Hull. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel (did anybody ever do that?). Staples had been in this store on Ferensway for donkeys years, the place was always empty and almost never had what I needed and if it did it was way too expensive. Anyhow Staples has moved to a slightly smaller, slightly more out-of-town site on Clough Road (along with the Police, the Fire Brigade and old Uncle Tom Cobley and all …). This building joins on to the empty computer store I posted a while back making a seriously large vacant ex-retailing space in the centre of town. Maybe it can be filled with ‘culture’ of some sort for next year’s bean feast…


23 Mar
Our purpose is to promote quality in placemaking 
and the built environment in the Hull and Humber region” 
                                                                                          From Arc-online
And so the great wind powered wigwam that was the Arc has gone and in so doing left a large concrete legacy. The place was set up to develop a sense of ‘Hullness’ (I kid you not) and with this bankrupt mess they’ve certainly attained Hullness of the highest order. I wonder if environmentalists do irony or do they just look for next subsidy?