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The best seat in town

31 Jan

Tourists are flocking to see the latest city of culture installation on Trinity House Lane. The work, sponsored by a local public house, is constantly added to and occasionally subtracted from but will remain a feature in the city through out the year. I think it’s a strong statement of the conflict between high ideals and base reality. I highly recommend it.

The Public House

6 Jan

Next door to our greasy fingered barber is the Star of the West or rather the reinvented Star of the West. The original watering hole was on West Street (geddit!) and looked a lot like this
As I recall I went into the old place on my first Saturday afternoon in Hull some thirty five or more years ago and had a pint of uninspired beer and a memorably soggy and execrable steak pie. A fine welcome! The place remained a sleazy dive, frequented by Saturday night pub crawlers and reporters from the nearby Hull Daily Mail. I never went in again and can’t really say I missed it when the old place was knocked down to make way for this. However in my assiduous research for this post I did come across a song about the Star of West, it’s in the ‘folk’ style and clearly the writer was more impressed than I was.

The Barber Shop

5 Jan

It’s a barber’s shop on Trinity House Lane. OK it’s a rock ‘n’ roll barber’s shop. So why Greasy Fingers? Something to do with hair product apparently.
I post this but I haven’t been in a barber’s for over thirty years and my hair, what there is of it, is over my shoulders like some ageing hippy. 

Nothing rhymes with …

30 Apr


The local rag, unable to come up with anything newsworthy, pretended to send a reporter out to count the barriers in town. I forget the total, it was something like 3,600 of the little orange darlings. I guess we’ll just have to put up with them, they won’t be here for ever and when they’re gone I bet we’ll miss them. Strange old world …

Another piece of pie?

4 Mar
Trinity House Lane, Hull

Did I mention pie shops were taking over the world? I think I did.

Streets paved with gold

8 Dec
Trinity House Lane


8 Nov

I seem to be in a monochrome mood for some reason. It could be the near three days of rain and cloud and/or the earlier sunsets. Above Trinity House Lane and below Posterngate both of which I’ve shown before in more colourful mode.

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