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Don’t look down

30 Jun

So we’re waiting on a bus on Spring Bank and Margot starts taking pictures of the trash that abounds in those parts. “What do you want to that for?” says I. “No reason,” says herself “but I bet it ends up in your blog one day”  … Hmmm
The uplifting theme for the start of July is ‘Look Down‘.

Tenfoot of Trouble

12 Jul

Amid claims that the Avenues area is becoming like “a New York ghetto” a row is simmering about plans to put gates on the tenfoots*. A fine fellow with no concept of the absurd is seeking to have these passage ways declared restricted byways which would mean that they have be open to anyone and indeed cars would not be able to use them as an ancient bylaw insists that only people on foot or on horseback can use them. I love these little local difficulties they provide whole minutes fun on a dull day. Meanwhile the graffitistas and fly-tippers do their worst. This garbage (or is it trash?) lurks off Westbourne Avenue. My apologies to any New York ghettos who feel offended.
*A tenfoot for those of you who don’t come from these parts is an alley way between and behind houses that allows access to the rear of properties. They are about ten feet wide in case you were wondering.
The old weekend in black & white has come round again; it’s here.