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Rudolph the red-nosed automaton

27 Dec

With a head that slowly and eerily moves from left to right and back again this illuminated monstrosity is meant to bring seasonal cheer to passers-by. Hmmmm

A Thing

26 Jun

Someone sat down, or more probably in this town a whole committee sat down, and decided it would a good idea if there was a thing at just this point. Plans were drawn up, consultations held, a contract signed (with Things Inc. no doubt), steel forges fired up, presses squeezed the metal  sheets which were cut and then engraved and welded to give us the glory that is this thing. Now tell me this isn’t a worthwhile thing …

Don’t ask me ….

27 Jun

..’cos I haven’t a clue. This fragile rusting thing attached to some boards hangs in an alley off Humber Street. I can make out the words ‘The Monitor Loops’ or perhaps ‘The Loops Monitor’. It obviously meant something to someone at some time.