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Cormorant Boat

22 Sep

It shows how much notice I take of my surroundings when I discover that this sculpture, Cormorant Boat by Kate Siddle, recently unveiled on Nelson Street had actually stood for nigh on thirty years  by the Marina. Couldn’t have made much of an impression because I don’t remember it at all … anyhow at some point in 2008 it was removed and disappeared for a few years. Where was it? Well you can find out where Hull keeps its works of art in this link.

BBC Proms at the stage in the dock

28 Jul
I mentioned that last Saturday that along with the Hull Folk Festival Hull was also host to the BBC Proms held at the little stage in the old dry dock. Those without tickets could listen from the footbridges at each end or turn on the radio or download it from the wonderful web.

Classical music may not be to everyone’s taste and I captured the leader of Hull City Council making a early getaway; perhaps Morris dancing was more his thing. I’m sure he’d cut a fine figure dancing a jig in a shirt and baldrics with knee-length breeches and bell pads or more likely just playing the fool.

You have it to do

19 Mar

It’s a strange compulsion I know, a kind of reflection fetish … Someone puts up a set of windows and you just have to see what reflections they give. So here’s what you get from the office windows around the new dry dock stage. Below is what it looked like straight on. This is, of course, the penguin prison and fish farm a.k.a  the Deep.
Apologies for the grainy pictures, entirely my fault.
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Deep Blue

30 Mar

Here’s a close-up of the nose-cone of the fish tank cum penguin prison known as the Deep. It’s still pulling in the hoopleheads and last Monday, the bank holidays, queues were over an hour long, despite (or maybe because of) the vile weather. As you can see the weather has cleared up a bit since then.

Penguin prison window

24 Jul

Anyhow here I am pointing the camera outside the biggest fish tank in the country (possibly in the world, who cares?) to capture these well known Hull landmarks in reflection. This place hires a man with a hawk to scare off the pigeons that have every right to be there (well just wait ’til the seagulls find out about that! That’ll be one dead hawk!) while incarcerating penguins from the South Atlantic. What a bunch of humbugs!  Oh yeah this place has blocked my account on Twitter … alors tant pis! Ou tant mieux!

Weekend reflections are here.

An interesting development

28 Apr

Well, turn your back for a few weeks and all kinds of things can happen. The skeleton of the new C4DI building at the river mouth has gone up like an enormous Meccano set. Plans and drawings are one thing but do not convey how imposing and impressive a building this will be, nor how it complements the Deep’s angular construction on the other bank. I like it, it may not be everybody’s taste but, no, I think it’s just fine.

Deep Piles

19 Feb

It’s not all falling down in the old town. At the new C4DI site work is underway to put in the necessary supporting piles. It seems a company called Aarsleff have been given the task of ramming steel into the Humber’s muddy shore. Pile driving is not something you can do quietly and the noise from the operation nicely echoes off the Deep’s walls. I recorded it just for fun. It’s really not pleasant but it took me back to when I was a youngster living in Hartlepool and they built an atomic power station across the way, the pile driving went on for what seemed like two whole years; now that was tiresome.