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Beverley Beck

21 Apr
Beverley Beck connects Beverley with the River Hull and so on to the rest of the world. The town was a trading post of the Hanseatic League so this little creek would once have had traders from all over northern Europe. Modern housing developments have replaced the old tanneries that lined the beckside. The barge you can see is the Syntan which featured previously here


25 Nov
The Syntan was built in 1949 to carry coal and raw materials to the tanneries of Beverley. This ended in 1970 and the ship lay idle for nearly 20 years until restored and made into a working exhibition on Beverley Beck. You can hire the Syntan for trips down the river Hull and onto the Humber. You’re thinking there’s got to be a website about this somewhere and it’s here.

Syntan is “a contraction of “synthetic tannins,” which are chemicals that combine with, or affect, the protein constituents of hides and skins and produce a product that is flexible, porous, and has the desirable qualities of leather”  says this site. So now you know as much as me.