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Fun on Ferensway

14 Aug

A bit of skyline on Ferensway with the St Stephens on the right, the arches of Paragon Station and the new coffee hut which seems to have no appeal whatsoever.


On Sunday, go to church …

4 Jun

… I mean shopping, of course. Here’s St Stephen’s shopping mall, named after a nearby and long demolished church, a veritable cathedral of retail. Since the 1994 Sunday Trading Act  finally put the end to a thousand or more years of terminal weekend boredom this country has become almost civilised, with the Lord’s Day Observance people free to observe the rest of us merrily going to Hell, sorry there I go again, I mean the shops.

Brand Name Recognition

25 May

I wondered if it was only in this country that a transport company has a spotters fan club that reports sightings of its lorries as they go about their business on the highways and by-ways. A little searching on the web (it’s a bank holiday that’s my excuse!) finds a lorry spotting website with over 4,000 paying members (£25 a year) who try to report the make and number of as many lorries as possible; a somewhat eccentric pastime but harmless I feel sure. As for myself I’m no great Stobart fan I prefer a Norbert Dentressangle any day but better still that rara avis Prestons of Potto

Rusty railings

21 May

With some time to spare before an appointment a small diversion along Park Street may not be everyone’s idea of entertainment but there a few things to catch the eye and pass the time. 

Hook a duck

8 Aug

To entertain the young ones (or possibly their parents) during the long vacation a funfair of sorts has sprung up outside St Stephens. Judging by the lack of customers it seems they all have better things to do.

All this and so much more …

8 Jun

Here listed are some of the delights of St Stephens, “Hull’s most stylish shopping destination”. Here you can fill up on all sorts of franchised fodder before taking in a movie or maybe working off your calories in the gym. Oh and there shops as well selling, you know, stuff.

By Paragon Station I sat down and wept …

1 Mar

Today being the first day of the month (March already …) it’s the theme day for City Daily Photo and, by what passes for democratic choice these days, it has been decided that ‘People on the street‘ shall be the thème du jour. So here a motley crowd having safely negotiated the crossing between St Stephens and Paragon Station is making its way home or in the case of the guy with the box of Budweisers to a pleasanter place by far, I hope …

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