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Listed buildings and respectability

18 Dec

A long while ago I was upbraided for referring to Midland Street as being “seedy”. Did I not know that respectable people lived there and that there were two listed buildings in the neighbourhood and no fewer than five churches? Well actually I did not know that (about the buildings and churches, that is, I am well aware that the area’s reputation is wholly undeserved and only saints and God fearing folk live in these parts) nor, to be honest, did I care much. 
Anyhow to make some sort of belated amends here are the two listed buildings, the front one with the odd tower is Owbridge Court, built 1895 as a cough mixture factory making Owbridge’s Lung Tonic (I kid you not), the building’s other name is the Laboratory!. The tonic was a mixture of chloroform, honey and alcohol and, as it said on the bottle, it never fails; just don’t give it to babes under six months of age! In the distance is Turner Court originally built as model dwellings for working people in the 1860’s and now flats owned by the William Sutton Trust and home to some, no doubt, very respectable people.