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17 Oct

Bridlington Promenade

8 Sep

I’ve mentioned before how Bridlington has been improving itself with an upgrade of its seafront fittings. This is the new promenade running for about a mile or so to the south of the town. It is edged by continuous seating; imagine a mile long bench! The white building is the Spa, an art deco renovation costing millions.

Spa wars

7 Mar

There has been a Spa in Bridlington in one form or another since 1896. The present Spa was built in 1932 in 52 days to replace a fire damaged building. The Spa closed in 2005 for renovation and reopened three years later after a mere £19.5 million had been spent. The saga of the redevelopment of the area around the Spa is one of delays and incompetence resulting in financial losses to hotels and boarding houses in that part of the resort.The picture was taken in April last year when the works were just beginning. The promenade area was closed all last Summer which must have given tourism a great boost. The area is now open but as far as I can tell it looks pretty much the same as before with some unattractive new features. Whether the costs were worth it remains to be seen. 
 The Spa has a theatre, the finest dance floor in the country and other attractions. It is owned and run by the  county council. 
In this media savvy age there is, of course, a web site and it’s here.