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The buck stops here

12 Aug
Came across this fine roebuck on Snuff Mill Lane the other day.  It being the rutting time of year I suspect he was looking for female company but I didn’t see any around. Something I didn’t know was that roe deer became extinct in England in the 18th century  and those we have now are the result of reintroduction from Scotland. There’s lots of them about now thankfully and if this guy gets lucky there’ll be even more.


I Want To Ride My Bicycle

23 May

They’ve got all the Lycra gear, helmets, obligatory sunglasses… and I’m guessing those bikes don’t come cheap, so serious biking then … well maybe not so serious.

Ne’er cast a clout till May be out

12 May
No, not a political slogan, but advice on what to wear in England in spring time which can be notoriously fickle temperature wise. You may know May blossom  as hawthorn, maythorn, quickthorn, whitethorn or (my favourite if Wikipedia can be believed) motherdie but the name matters little when it’s covering the whole countryside with luscious white blossom. The scent of this bush is particularly pungent and, some say, redolent of corpses which may be why it is considered bad luck to bring the blossom into your house. It looks much better outside any way.

Margot took the top shot. She prefers it in colour but it’s not her blog.

The weekend in black and white is here.

No Trains Again

26 Dec

We always go for a short walk down Snuff Mill Lane towards sunset on Christmas Day  just to play on the rails and take silly pictures like this. Here‘s some we did earlier.

Meanwhile …

2 Jul

… the world keeps on twirling, the birds are still singing and the roses still blooming.

Today is the annual Cottingham Day to which I shall no doubt go if I can dodge the heavy showers with the hint of thunder. This is, of course, high Summer in this green and pleasant land and we expect no better.


23 Apr

In England, on this St George’s Day, down the leafy lanes of Cottingham it  is heartening to find the Bard’s innovative use of language is still finding a voice among the oppressed youth. Innit Blud! (as they often say in these parts)

Non-fluttering Non-dancing

27 Feb

It’s that time of year when I usually post some harbinger of Spring, snowdrops or pussy willow or whatever. This year it’s the little daffodils that the Council or somebody has planted under local street signs. As we’ve not really had any Winter to speak of (again) maybe the coming month will bring us something colder. As the old saying goes February builds bridges, and March breaks them“.