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Blue Train

18 May
I just had a moment’s notice to capture this locomotion. As I’m just old fashioned and a lazy bird I won’t tell which way it’s going.


4 Oct

This is your common hogweed not the giant stuff that’s poisonous and illegal to grow. In fact I’ve read that Heracleum sphondylium is “the finest tasting vegetable in the UK” but I suspect these dried up old seeds lack gastronomic appeal. This picture was taken by Margot because I didn’t want to dawdle on Snuff Mill Lane.

Common Darter

16 Sep

This, if I’m not mistaken, is a female of the species Sympetrum striolatum and at the risk of being terribly politically incorrect is a bit of a stunner. Here it is taking up the sun on a fence on Snuff Mill Lane.
Margot took this because the camera and I have issues over macro shots grrrr.