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Candlemas Day was clear and bright …

12 Mar

…So Winter is having another bite.
A snowy flurry on Bishop Lane Staithe which in better times looks like this.

A little bit of snow

14 Feb
Silver Street, Hull
Foolishly I invited the wrath of the gods when I mentioned that Spring might be on its way a couple of days ago. Well that’ll larn me! A strong icy cold, nithering easterly wind with snow made it distinctly unpleasant in town yesterday. Truth be told there wasn’t much snow and it’s forecast to warm up again during the week but I’m saying nothing more about Spring or anything along those lines.


25 Jan

Six months ago I posted that this block was due for demolition and it seems that half the job has been done. The remaining buildings are still trading with a pawnbrokers and a kebab shop carrying on as if nothing has happened.When they say they’ve levelled the site they mean it!

Cold in the earth-and the deep snow piled above thee Far, far removed, cold in the dreary grave!

21 Jan

Thank you for that, Emily. Here’s one for the psychrophilic taphophiles amongst us, snowy tombstones in Cottingham churchyard.

Bleak Midwinter

20 Jan
Taken by Margot K Juby
It’s January and it’s snowing and there’s no real surprise in any of that. Only surprise is that anyone would go out in -5C and get their fingers frozen to take photos. Well it wasn’t me, I stayed indoors all warm and snug while someone else did the hard work. I suppose a big ‘thank you’ to Margot is in order.
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9 Feb
Came across this pile of broken sledges on Beverley Westwood. They were clearly not up to the job of sliding down this slippery slope. They’ve waited all Winter for a bit of snow and then this happens, sad really.

Winter Jasmine

17 Dec
With more snow and cold weather forecast it’s always nice to see a bit of colour.