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The end of November

1 Dec
It’s not often people stop and gawp at the sky but yesterday’s flaming sunset was quite a spectacle and had folks looking up in amazement. I stood by the river and watched the old Sol Invictus disappear behind Lincolnshire’s pylons and, of course, I pointed my camera at it just like you’re not supposed to (eyesight is overrated).
Today’s first of the month theme for City Daily Photo is “Transitions“.

Same old same old

8 Feb

I’ll post this and maybe a few more before I disappear again. Hull is like some aged tart undergoing cosmetic surgery at the moment, it’s not a pretty sight. Those nips and tucks are all being done in one go so you can imagine the mess.

No April showers have come our way

18 Apr

WELCOME, wild North-easter!
  Shame it is to see
Odes to every zephyr;
  Ne’er a verse to thee.
Charles Kingsley

Somehow Spring has sprung without me really noticing it. Though it looks nice and sunny the picture cannot begin to describe the slightly nithering north-easter that is flowing across the land giving the feeling of walking through a tub of ice-cream. And it’s been a really dry the droghte of Marche has not been sooted as they used to say.

Keep Watching the Skies!

14 Aug

The old Corporation Pier, nowadays officially known as Victoria Pier, is a good place to check out the skies and the view over to Lincolnshire. If you’re lucky and the tide is right then you might just catch a glimpse of something hunting in the shallows down below. 

Yup, that’s a seal, okay not the best photo but definitely a seal. I’ve seen seals here twice so maybe they’re not that rare but still an absolute bugger to photograph.