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22 May

Well that didn’t last long, did it? A year ago I posted about it opening and now it’s gone. Too wacky even for east Hull.

The E.U International

19 Jan

Hard boiled Brexit or the soft runny kind may affect these little supermarkets selling delicacies from the Baltic and other exotic places but I rather think they’ll still be here long after we’ve all forgotten about the EU, Mrs Merkel (Wer sie?) and the single market or whatever. The current stupid little falling out is a mere blip, a historical hiccup. It’ll all blow over and the dust will settle and we’ll say what was all the fuss about. What kind of madness was that? We”ll get back to doing what we’ve been doing for two thousand years or more, trading goods and carrying people across the North Sea and the Channel, to and from Europe and beyond. What else can we or Europe do?

The Florist

10 Jan

This was taken in December when it seems there was a market for wreaths of holly and mistletoe and other Yuletide paraphernalia; how long ago that seems now. Hollyhocks is on Princes Avenue and seems to be blooming.

The Takeaway

9 Jan

This one is on Cottingham Road but it could be just about anywhere in town, they’re ubiquitous and they all look pretty much the same.

The Barber Shop

5 Jan

It’s a barber’s shop on Trinity House Lane. OK it’s a rock ‘n’ roll barber’s shop. So why Greasy Fingers? Something to do with hair product apparently.
I post this but I haven’t been in a barber’s for over thirty years and my hair, what there is of it, is over my shoulders like some ageing hippy. 

The corner shop

3 Jan

This shop replaced an older shop about ten years or so ago and has a number of franchises running it. The current lot took over this Summer and immediately put up the price of everything an cut the range of goods on offer. So I don’t go there as often ususally to take money out of the ATM now Lloyds have shut the local bank across the road. It’s cheaper in Tesco and Sainsburys which I never would have believed. Until I took photo this I hadn’t realised quite how many bollards surround the place, security to prevent ram-raiding which seems to be out of fashion these days.

Why did the zebra cross the road?

20 Dec

Zebra had to close earlier this year due to the landlord raising the rent by about 50%.  This is the newly reopened Zebra still on Newland Avenue just across the road, in fact, close to the zebra crossing (yes, I know, it’s just too much). Anyhow here’s wishing Ann good luck in this relaunch.