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Sky and wires

20 Oct

Here’s Sharp Street with its new bunch of houses on the site of the old Goodfellows supermarket. Well they look a bit like houses but in fact they’re really the size of rabbit hutches. They’re student accommodation so clearly built to pack in as many wannabe debt slaves and rack out as much rent as possible.
Margot took this while I was in the shop doing her shopping; I think it’s called job share or some such.

Sharp Street Roll of Honour

9 Jul

Two years after being removed to make way for the demolition of Goodfellows supermarket the Roll of Honour has been restored. Actually it was restored in March but I’ve only just noticed it. There’s a plaque to show a bishop blessed it, the Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire (the what now?) and a host of Council knobs turned up to be seen to be there. The supermarket was pulled down to make way for much needed new housing but since I posted about it not a single brick has been laid nor even the ground broken up, nothing, … the mills of planning grind slowly, they grind exceeding small, with impatience we’re still waiting, no doubt they’ll grind us all.