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…. a long seat for several people, typically made of wood or stone

31 Mar

… otherwise known as a bench. This was taken last March when the new benches in Queen Victoria Square were all shades of yellowy-red through brown now they’re a uniform silver-grey. Comfortable benches, good for sitting and whiling away the day.

The April Fool’s theme for City Daily Photo is ‘One Colour‘.


The best seat in town

31 Jan

Tourists are flocking to see the latest city of culture installation on Trinity House Lane. The work, sponsored by a local public house, is constantly added to and occasionally subtracted from but will remain a feature in the city through out the year. I think it’s a strong statement of the conflict between high ideals and base reality. I highly recommend it.

Left behind

13 Oct

Even the litter has a certain sculptural quality to it here in the City of Culture …

The weekend in black and white is here.

Seating Arrangement

19 Aug

These seats on Corporation Pier seem to have survived the purge on public seating currently underway in this town. From here you can rest and admire or loathe if you will the view I posted yesterday. Not many customers though (OK none). Perhaps not surprising since there’s still a big hole in the pier. Is it really over eight  months since this damage was done? How time flies …