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The Primary School

2 Mar

This is just the local primary school down the road designed by someone who thought (rightly) that a box topped by a pyramid makes for a nice shape. However, nice buildings do not a successful school make and this place is currently under special measures for “failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education”. “Must try harder” I suppose is the note on this school’s report card.

Going to the inevitable

4 May

If you have a slightly better memory than me you may faintly recall a post about the old Blundell Street school and its predicament, (here it is). It’s had its share of vandalism over the years. The Council is at loggerheads with the owner over a new development, there had been talk of compulsory purchase and well, it’s all so sadly familiar. So it was really no great surprise to wake up on Sunday morning to news that this place had been ravaged by a huge fire, no surprise at all; what took them so long?. 

There’s some neat drone footage from Octovision Media.: School Fire 30/4/16 from Octovision Media on Vimeo.

Gross Value

17 Nov
Inglemire Lane, Hull

Some time ago I posted an odd picture of trees in nets and mentioned that this was due to impending development of the site. Here you can see the fruits of all that. It’s a school in case you were wondering. No sorry scrub that, this is no mere school, this is a Catholic international sports college, with “world class thinking” and “world class achieving”; so there. Hmm, no matter, the trees are gone along with the fashion of calling a spade a spade.