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The Press Room (as was)

7 Oct

I took this a few weeks ago and meant to find out a bit more but somehow never did. So now I find it’s a fully functioning pop-up restaurant made from scaffolding and boards and a bit open to the elements. Naturally it’s only temporary and it’s closing on … well, erm … yesterday, as it happens … Ooops!


6 Aug

Though the mills of God grind slowly they are a speedy blur compared to progress in the stinking backwater. So it is that the burnt out shell of the Lambert Street Chapel remains wrapped in scaffolding as the end times approach.
The weekend in black and white is here.
The bags of ballast have become home to a variety of wild flowers.


31 May

The new  C4DI building is coming along nicely and is due to open in October.

Propping up the facade

14 May

Oh dear the scaffolding has gone up on the recently fire-damaged Lambert Street Chapel. The side walls have been knocked down by half and I hear the rear wall will have to come down too. Scaffolding means the facade might be saved, it could also mean a long, long wait. On Beverley Road scaffolding has been up on one building since 2011 . Hopefully the facade can be incorporated into whatever new building arises in much the same way as the old Cooperative Institutes facade which stood for decades in splendid isolation was eventually incorporated into a new apartment block on Kingston Square.
The Weekend in Black and White is here.


11 Apr

Prayer might be a strong wall and fortress of the church but it does no harm to get in the masons every now and then to check over the stonework and make sure the church is still a goodly Christian weapon. Here’s Cottingham’s parish church, St Mary’s, getting some serious maintenance a few weeks back, after seven hundred years or so perhaps this is not so surprising.

A little support

18 Feb

At the start of this month I posted the back of Humber Street and its somewhat tumbledown appearance. What I didn’t mention at the time was how these buildings or what’s left of them are still managing to defy gravity. The answer, as you can see, is scaffolding and lots of it and in some places brace that up with large tanks of water to keep it all in one place. Even so one of the buildings has had to be surgically removed leaving a nice little gap. It’s easy see how how £4 million could just disappear down this street.

 The street is, of course, not passable to motors

The Rank House

16 Dec

I posted about this house on Holderness Road some three years ago,(here). It was once the home of J Arthur Rank, he of the films that began with a man and a gong. I mentioned then that it was in a bit of a state well now it’s being repaired and restored for social housing. In the story I read it was expected that the first tenants would be in by the end of this year, it looks like they’ll have get a move on to achieve that. Still, let’s keep our quibbling to a minimum.