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The House on Salthouse Lane

7 Oct

… and while we’re on Salthouse Lane I must show you this grade 2 listed Georgian dolls’ house that completely dominates what’s left of the lane. This was built in the 1780’s as a merchant’s home, later became a branch of the Bank of England then a home for sailors. It’s now part of a housing association. Although facing onto Salthouse Lane for some reason this is officially 105 Alfred Gelder Street. Ah well … Someone with a lot of time on their hands has researched the whole history of this place and put their findings online here, so, many thanks to that person.


The White Hart Hotel, again

6 Oct

I’ve shown this pub/hotel a couple of times now. The last time was back in March last year with a hopeful note that the place would reopen in Spring. Well two Springs have passed and a Summer and now Autumn and it’s still not open. The economic climate has clearly not changed much, at least not for the better. This is a rear view, as it were, from Salthouse Lane and shows the full extent of this really quite large establishment. I guessing from the cosy way it agrees with the streets that at some point this was rebuilt to fit in with the ‘new’ layout of Alfred Gelder Street.