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A piddling little stream

12 Apr

If you like mud then Hull could be just the place for you. When the tide is out there’s acres of  thick oozing alluvium silting up the old harbour. I believe there are plans to clear out the gloop and improve the flow but then there’s always plans for something or other in this place. It’s at these times like this that you can see just what a small insignificant little stream the river Hull really is. 

You have it to do

19 Mar

It’s a strange compulsion I know, a kind of reflection fetish … Someone puts up a set of windows and you just have to see what reflections they give. So here’s what you get from the office windows around the new dry dock stage. Below is what it looked like straight on. This is, of course, the penguin prison and fish farm a.k.a  the Deep.
Apologies for the grainy pictures, entirely my fault.
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Bang a gong, get it on

7 Mar
In a way the idea of turning this useless bridge to nowhere into a musical instrument makes as much sense as an unlamented 70’s pop hit with pastiche hippy lyrics (Well you’re dirty and sweet Clad in Black. Don’t look back And I love you … I guess you had to be there and I wasn’t!) So it will come to pass that “tuned” metal plates will be attached and struck in the manner of Indonesian gamelan and folk will invited to whack the bridge with a hammer to make “music”. To quote the idiot in charge of the asylum “By Playing the Bridge, participants and audiences will form a new relationship with and think differently about a city landmark. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn a new instrument and be part of an amazing City of Culture project.” Nuff said!

Unique pile of bricks and old crane

6 Mar

I’ve shown this riverside building before. It used to be a buoy shed for Trinity House but it’s been empty for a while and looks (as it always has) like it might just slide into the river any day. Any how it’s up for sale so you can buy a piece of Hull that no-one can find a use for and get to play with that really rare swan neck crane; go on you know you want to.

"Shortened to whatever length you want …"

6 Feb

Here’s the tanker barge Dovedale H, built in 1962 and currently for sale (price on application) after many years on the Manchester ship canal. The seller/agent informs us that she is “waiting for survey and then being shortened to whatever length you want” and at nearly 46 metres she might just be a tad too much for messing about on the river.

Riverside rubble

13 May

I think we can say the old Clarence Mill is now gone, well it ain’t coming back. But where did those nice trees spring from …


9 Apr

Last time I posted about the Clarence Mill it was half pulled down and well on its way to being a fully cleared site. Well you won’t be at all surprised that nothing is ever so straight forward in this wonderful town. I’d already mentioned how slow the demolition was, well ‘slow’ turned into ‘stopped altogether’. Shortly after I posted the contractors, who apparently hadn’t been paid for some time, walked off the site and nothing happened for several months. A few weeks ago work started again and so we are down now to this stump and a huge pile of bricks. So what do you reckon? Another year before this place is finally cleared? Or maybe two?
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