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The Press Room (as was)

7 Oct

I took this a few weeks ago and meant to find out a bit more but somehow never did. So now I find it’s a fully functioning pop-up restaurant made from scaffolding and boards and a bit open to the elements. Naturally it’s only temporary and it’s closing on … well, erm … yesterday, as it happens … Ooops!

What’s in a name?

17 May

This was once the Blockbuster video rental shop until, well we all know what happened to the video rental business (“Please mammy what’s a video?”). Then it became the Mahattan coffee bar for a while until, bored with that, it underwent a transformation into this: the Tipsy Chicken. Inviting ain’t it? Never mind just across the road and down a bit is a restaurant by the name of the Dirty Bird… tasty.

The ties that bind

19 Feb

The former warehouse now restaurant close by Princes Quay has an unusual large array of structural ties holding it together.
The weekend in black and white is here.

Sudden Closure

8 Oct

There has been a rash of sudden closures of restaurants in the town centre. This one, a fish bar on King Edward Street, opened last October and closed in September. Starbucks and Pizza Hut have already left town. There’s news today of yet another closure in the old town. The local rag carries tales of woe from restaurant owners demanding that ‘something must be done’ as if the public purse should remedy their poor business choices. At this rate of attrition there won’t be any left by the year of Kultur.  But, you ask, don’t the good folk of Hull like to dine out of an evening? Sure they do, just not in the moribund centre of town but in places such as Princes Avenue which is crammed with restaurants and bars. I think it’s called market forces or some such …

All white now

15 May

This is the former Port-Side restaurant that I posted a long while back. Then it’s sole point of interest was the purple decor; now it’s just boring.

A shot of shots

10 Mar
Newland Avenue, Hull

Now it’s been a while since I studied la língua española (put it this way Franco was still regrettably Caudillo de España, Por la Gracia de Dios) and I really don’t care that much but surely(or just maybe) that should be los chupitos? It doesn’t matter much, I just liked the sign. This place is, as you might have guessed, a Mexican themed restaurant that opened recently on Newland Avenue. This street  is fast becoming what someone has described as a United Nations of food.  ¡Basta ya! Hasta luego.