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The Neverendum

25 Jun

Well now two days after the end of the world as we knew it and everything still seems to be going along just dandy. The markets fell then rose to level higher than before the referendum (hardly the financial Armageddon predicted by the remainers). We’re still in the EU in case anybody thinks otherwise (despite being told by Mr Juncker to pack our bags  and leave, now, instantly, go on get lost!). We’ve still got a Tory Government although it is now completely dead in the water with no mandate for Brexit, no Prime Minister and no real majority in Parliament and no respect in the country. The opposition is threatening to rip itself apart again in yet another meaningless leadership challenge (but no-one is listening to them so this doesn’t really matter). The Brexiters have admitted (to no intelligent person’s great surprise) that their ridiculous claims on immigration and spending on the NHS (£350million a day or was it a week? I wasn’t paying them so much attention) were a complete pack of lies. Despite, or perhaps because of, all this the debate-cum-slanging match continues. The losing side now want a re-run referendum ( “We lost, it wasn’t fair that we lost”. You know the sort of thing that losers say. Perhaps a best of three option will keep them quiet, who knows?). Scotland is making those old fashioned independence noises again (or could that just be bagpipes), the Irish problem is threatening to become a real problem again. The young are thinking themselves betrayed by the old (t’was ever thus). London wants to remain in the EU by a massive margin and what London wants it by and large gets.
Oh and these damn silly flags are still flying. 
Like I say, dandy.