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"Some feel the rain. Others just get wet"

29 Aug

and some have enough sense to get out of the rain …

Margot wishes it to be known that she took the top picture. There now you know.

A little bit of rain

10 Aug

Well the weatherfolk had been saying it was coming for nearly a week and sure enough old hurricane Bertha’s soggy remains passed over this morning and early afternoon. Pretty impressive rain it was too, at times so hard you could barely see across the street, with thunder and a bit of lightning thrown in to add to the fun. But it’s all over now …
Spoke too soon it’s started again …

What’s left of the weekend in black and white is here.

A break in the clouds

22 Oct

For what seems like ages but in fact is only a few days we have been at the receiving end of rain front after rain front. Endless cloud and loads of rain. Still it has been really mild almost muggy. Last evening there was a break in the clouds, the sun poked through and lit up this cloud. More rain forecast for as long as they can see ahead. Now where did I put that gopher wood?

The rain it raineth everyday …

1 Feb
Upon the just and unjust fella,
But more upon the just because
The unjust hath the just’s umbrella.
Today’s theme for the monthly City Daily Photo grouping is ‘Umbrellas’. To see what others have made of this theme from gamps to parasols to wherever their imagination has wandered click here.

OK I admit I don’t have a picture of any umbrellas whatsoever. Even this picture was taken by Margot Juby.


5 Nov

Waiting for the bus at Cottingham Green a few days ago it grew dark and began to spit on with rain which gradually got heavier and heavier till, well we’ve all been there; down it all came seemingly in one big dollop. Still I was under some cover and stayed dry and the bus was due in three minutes. Time for some photos.


7 Jun

The end of the first week of June brings a predictable change in the weather. The so-called “return of the Westerlies” or “June monsoon” has arrived with heavy downpours over most of western Europe. These collared doves seemed content to sit it out and wait for sunnier times.