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It’s only money

27 Feb

I’ve shown the Maritime Museum more than enough times but not, I think*, this façade above the entrance. The building was originally the offices of the Hull Dock Company and clearly money was not a problem at that time as we have a goodly supply of classical gods and goddesses adorning what I take to be Queen Victoria with her rhythm stick (I might be wrong) and a fine but somewhat faded plaque with the symbols of the then four countries of the United Kingdom. At the time of building (1870’s) the Hull Dock Company had a monopoly but later competition forced down prices and profits and in hindsight spending £90,000 on Italianate offices may not seem like such a good use of resources. Still it makes for a grand museum.

And while I’m here I’ve just come across a new-to-me blog about Hull. 150 facts about Hull has been going for four years and has reached 89 facts, if you are into things of a Hully nature this may interest you.

* As I write this blog I often get the uneasy feeling that I’m repeating myself. So if any of this seems familiar it probably is. Indeed I may have mentioned this feeling before …


Victorian Grime

15 Feb

In Pearson Park the old Queen could do with a bit of a wash and brush. She does scrub up well as they say, see here. And we breathe in the air that makes this so mucky … yikes!

Queen Vic blocks out the sun

7 May
In the middle of town there’s Queen Victoria Square. This resplendent statue sits in the middle, built by public subscription in the early years of the last century. The thrifty burghers of Hull killed two birds with one stone by sitting the Queen on top of the public toilets.

Unfortunately anyone who might have needed these facilities was obstructed by some BBC enterprise to enthuse young people to be “creative”. Blast the BBC.