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A Pair of Glasses on a Bench

18 Mar

At some point last summer someone found that cheap reading glasses are cheap for a reason … and this being the City of Culture instead of just binning them they neatly arranged the erstwhile spectacles in a respectful homage to Nguyen and Khayatan‘s famed installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 
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… and still we wait

2 May

The promised fountains in Queen Victoria Square have yet to materialise. We are told by a Councillor that “The technology used to operate these features has not been used anywhere else,” and “So it that sense they’re unique. Issues around that technology are being addressed.”. Now as far as I know fountains have been around for thousands of years; how difficult can it be? You have water, you squirt it through a hole, repeat process until bored… These however are fancy fountains with bells and whistles, well coloured lights anyway as you can see in this article from a well known local newspaper. If I were a gambling man I’d put a small wager on these things working on and off for a season or two then being quietly forgotten and paved over.

…and also outside the Holy Trinity Coffee Bar the so-called mystical mirror pools are also still not in place (surprise, surprise) and guess what the reason is? “I can safely say nothing like this has ever been seen before in this country, if not Europe. I prefer to call them glazed paving. They are going to be mystical, magical and I hope quite special….” says the guy who sold these puppies to Hull City Council and “They are definitely the first of their kind in the UK and they’re here in Hull.” Yeah right, puddles with knobs on, can’t wait.

Culture Vulture

3 Apr

OK it’s just a pigeon and you’ve got to use your imagination but that shouldn’t be too difficult if you can cope with Hull: City of Culture.

You wanna put what? Where?

18 Feb
After years of planning you’d think that somebody, somewhere would have sought planning permission from the Council to dump this thing in the town square. But you forget, this is Hull! So now retrospective permission is being applied for. Be funny if it was refused.

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On yer bike mate …

17 Mar
So I hung around this sign waiting to see what might happen given cyclists’ propensity to be a law unto themselves. Just my luck to find the one cyclist in this town who obeys traffic signs. Mind you cyclists really shouldn’t be riding on the pavement now should they?