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The Mighty Boo Sign

31 Oct

As a contribution to annual insanity that affects this country at the end of October (thank you USA; another great contribution to civilisation) here’s a scary Boo sign. It’s actually a sign for a café called Boom but the ‘m’ went walkabout sometime ago and no-one seems to have noticed … or perhaps it was never there. Tell you the truth I didn’t even notice if the café was still there. I maybe making all this up, I’ve not been well you  know …

More of this please

20 Jul

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there’s a celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Amy Johnson’s death during WW2. Well to go with the fibre glass moths someone has actually come up with the bright idea of installing some seats and plants around the Amy Johnson statue on Prospect Street. The overnight improvement of this rather drab area is a most welcome addition. Local shops are reporting an increase in trade, people are sitting having a bit of lunch in the welcome shade … makes you wonder why the original seats were removed years ago.

Meet the new shop …

6 Apr
In the blink of an eye this shop changed from being Discount UK to Bargain Buys, same staff, same stock, same prices. That’s not really surprising since both brands are owned by Poundland. Try as I might I cannot summon up the enthusiasm displayed by a ‘business leader’ in the local rag who describes this change of name as a sign of “recognising Hull is a great place to do business” or as the same perp said “Hull is bucking the trend in terms of retail”. (I have this idea that a vitual ‘business leader’ spouts out the same messages just changing the town  or city whenever a button is pressed on a rent-a-quote machine) In fact these bargain basement discount stores are ubiquitous in the UK and not a sign of a strengthening retail market; quite the opposite.

And this is just for, well, why not?