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The Store

22 Oct

This imaginatively named emporium and former church is on the Promenade, Bridlington.

Somehow the week seems to have escaped me and it’s the weekend again which means there’ll be monochrome magic over at the Weekend in Black & White.

A bit of a wreck

25 Feb

Further along the promenade there’s a small graveyard of barges abandoned many years ago to rot by the tide of  Humber.

Riverside Promenade

24 Feb

Saturday saw me venturing into terra incognita that is to say the Riverside Promenade eastwards from the Half-tide basin towards Alexandra Dock. The walk is along the sea wall and is tiresomely straight and direct with views across the Humber on one side and a housing estate on the other but with little of note along the way. The monotony is broken by this sculpture from the workshop of Theo Wickenden and a nearby sign informing us that the sea wall was completed in 1992 and opened by the Burgomaster of Rotterdam, Dr A Peper. 
Did I mention it was straight and unvaried?
Riverside Promenade about halfway along.