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The pretty bit

9 May

Prince Street is in just about all the tourist guides as a “must go see if in Hull sort of place”. Strange how I hardly ever see anyone down here.



17 Sep

With the end of world confidently predicted for next week or if not then October 7 (it’s always good to have a plan B) , it seems that, in the twinkling of an eye, the occupants of these machines have been caught up together to meet the good Lord in the air … or maybe they just popped into the café on the corner. 

Yet another Council cock-up

1 Jun

I’ve posted about Prince Street before, it’s probably one of the most photographed spots in the old town. A Georgian archway leading to a pleasant little row of houses. Naturally it’s all listed buildings; grade 2 protected. So in a well ordered society a Council would never, ever install five gas meters with plastic covers right slap bang in the middle of a tourist attraction. But you have never come across an organisation quite like Hull City Council. And to add insult to injury once the Council realised that what they had done required planning permission it set about applying to itself for retrospective permission to vandalise the neighbourhood. Well this was too much for anybody to take lying down, even one long serving Councillor who can normally be relied on to back up any silly move from HCC said it was ‘stupid’. Outrage was being shown, words like ‘crass’ and ‘deplorable’ were being bandied about in the local paper. One objector described the meters as looking like a men’s urinal …
The Council realising the jig was up have now decided to remove these meters admitting that this should not have happened as “the gas meter boxes are not in keeping with the surrounding listed buildings”. (You don’t say!) Which is all well and good if this were such a rare occurrence but such acts of gross stupidity seem to be the modus operandi of HCC; well it’s only public money so they just don’t care.

No Council officers were injured in the making of this post nor have any lost their jobs unfortunately

Another look at Prince Street

28 Dec
I’ve been going through some old photos since I’ve not been out and about getting any new ones and came upon these of Prince Street. Don’t know why I didn’t post them before when I had the chance. With its cobble stones and painted Georgian houses this street has, to me, an slightly unreal feel about it, a bit like a film set. It features in all the tourist ‘must see when in Hull’ lists and it doesn’t disappoint. 

Prince Street, Hull

1 Aug

Prince Street is a pretty little lane that runs from Trinity Square to Dagger Lane. It is named after the Prince Regent who became George IV.