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Culture Vulture

3 Apr

OK it’s just a pigeon and you’ve got to use your imagination but that shouldn’t be too difficult if you can cope with Hull: City of Culture.

Poop the coop

1 Nov

Here’s an advertisement for the effectiveness of bird protection measures; they work so well and the birds feel so protected they set up home.
Never thought I’d find a use for what is, in so many ways, a crap photo (taken by Margot I hasten to add) but then along comes City Daily Daily photo and their “out of focus” theme day. Well blame them … they asked for it.

The things you used to see

4 Jan

It’s a shame that the old local custom of placing a large pig in your window for good luck and prosperity is no longer as commonly observed as it once was. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an example of this and this photo dates back a good five years or so. Perhaps the city of culture will see a revival of this quaint practice.

Pigeon passion

28 Aug
Until quite recently wood pigeons were birds of farmland and open countryside. Now, thanks to modern agricultural practices and the behaviour shown above they are, well, as common as pigeons in town and city.