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A trip round the bay

11 May

Though Pirates grow old
And their beards go grey
It’s never too cold
For a trip round the bay.

OK I’ll give up the doggerel and stick to the day job…


Fiat Lux

23 Nov

“Hey”, said the guy who was fishing off the Corporation Pier, “they actually work! I thought they were just for show!” I looked a bit non-plussed, what could he mean?. “The fancy lights”, he explained, “they work, not just decoration!” And I bet you thought it was just me that was cynical in these parts …


20 Oct
Well it looks like a shelter but just how much protection it gives when the going gets rough is open to question. This seemingly redundant piece is right next to the little shop that sells ice cream and fish and chips when the weather is fine.

Seating Arrangement

19 Aug

These seats on Corporation Pier seem to have survived the purge on public seating currently underway in this town. From here you can rest and admire or loathe if you will the view I posted yesterday. Not many customers though (OK none). Perhaps not surprising since there’s still a big hole in the pier. Is it really over eight  months since this damage was done? How time flies …

Keep Watching the Skies!

14 Aug

The old Corporation Pier, nowadays officially known as Victoria Pier, is a good place to check out the skies and the view over to Lincolnshire. If you’re lucky and the tide is right then you might just catch a glimpse of something hunting in the shallows down below. 

Yup, that’s a seal, okay not the best photo but definitely a seal. I’ve seen seals here twice so maybe they’re not that rare but still an absolute bugger to photograph.

"There is no hurry …

19 May
We shall get there someday.”
After nigh on six months the pier still awaits repair. Perhaps it could become an art installation, one of the hidden surprises of Hull. Just don’t fall in, it’s a long way down.

Umber without number

17 May

Umbers by the Humber, ah well. This is yet another part of the seemingly endless fish trail that winds round the town and pops up when you least expect it. This is part of a small shoal carved into the planks of Victoria Pier. You may know umbers as grayling, but “grayling by the Humber” doesn’t quite do it, does it?
The Weekend in Black & White goes on here.
For those interested in football Hull City lost (2-3)  to Arsenal in the FA Cup yesterday.