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It’s another Hull thing

11 Feb

OK it’s one of the things that Hull is noted for: cream coloured phone boxes. I’m sure I’ve been over this before but briefly for those who don’t know the story behind it; when all municipal phone companies were nationalised many years ago Hull Council stood firm and the phone company remained in council hands. So that’s why the boxes are this distinctive colour and not red as in the rest of this pleasant land, they also lack a crown coat of arms but that’s a detail for geeks. So, as I say, all phone boxes in Hull are this colour except for this one and erm that one and maybe that other one as well.
Anyhow I’m not here to talk about old history. It being the year of culture and Hull just having gone through a massive makeover (yada yada) the now privatised phone company was asked to plonk a load of these boxes around town, often in places, like here in Whitefriargate, where no phone box had ever been. I think they are actually working boxes but no-body uses them as everyone has got a mobile these days and also they’re very expensive. Basically they’re just there for no good reason other than Hull has cream boxes and you, as a visitor, will damn well see cream boxes. (Gee would you look! A cream phone box! That’s got to be way cool!) I believe the word ‘iconic’ has been applied to them as well, and why not? It’s applied to everything else in this cultural town.