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Out with the modern in with the old

12 Mar

Parliament Street is one of the last places to get a make over and consequently has those old familiar orange barriers making a maze out of straight line. When I first posted about this street back in 2011 someone commented that the square paving stones made the place look modern I wonder what they’ll make of the new look stone blocks. Here’s another view of how it used to look.
And while I’m here I may as well add the HSBC bank on the right to the list of empty buildings on Whitefriargate.

Zebras Crossing

6 Oct
Recruitment agency advert; does it work for you?

Parliament Street

4 Oct

This is Parliament Street an elegant collection of fine Georgian houses. The construction of this street required an act of Parliament (hence the name) and was the start of the end of the old mediaeval layout of Hull as it cut through old buildings and alleyways to the town walls which were in the process of being demolished to make way for a new dock. Nowadays the street houses law firms and recruitment agencies.