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North Bridge

19 Dec

After two hundred and fifty years or so of going by ferry across the river the good citizens of Hull decided to move with the times and invest in the new-fangled technology, a bridge. As the bridge replaced the North Ferry it naturally became known as the North Bridge. Quite what the ferry men thought of this early example of displacement by new technology and subsequent loss of trade is not recorded. That was back in the boom times of 1541 and obviously the bridge has been rebuilt several times since then; the latest being in the late 1920’s when this was put across a few yards further north than the previous bridge. The remains of that bridge are still just about visible next to this converted warehouse.

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Warehouse Living

22 Feb
A Victorian riverside warehouse has been converted into apartments. I’m not sure I would like to live here considering that it is next door to the North Bridge (below) a busy connection between west and east Hull.