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North Bar, Beverley

8 Sep

I posted about this remnant of Beverley’s town walls so many years ago there’s no harm in going back again. Back then I told the history of the North Bar but what I didn’t mention and what few these days might credit is that the local bus company had special buses made with a sloped roof designed to pass under the Bar. Nowadays a single decker passes through with no bother but forty five or more years ago it was a much tighter squeeze. And yes I do remember seeing these buses when I was so much younger than today.

Photo ‘borrowed’ from here.


North Bar Without and Within, Beverley

20 May
Beverley is an old, old town, much older than Hull. A monastery was founded here in the early 700s AD. It used to have four bars or gates as we would now call them (in those days a gate was a street, still is is some street names, compare with  gata, gade of Swedish and Danish ) protecting it. There is only one bar left, the North Bar. A plaque informs the visitor that the Bar was built in 1409 and cost £96/11d. As it’s still there 600 years later I suppose that was a good price.
The top picture shows North Bar Without, on account it’s outside the walls of Beverley, the one below shows North Bar Within. I’m sorry to say the Tudor looking half-timbered affair above is a much more modern building than it looks.