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The Inglemire

22 Apr

Is there an award for most boring picture on the internet? What to say about The Inglemire club? It’s on Inglemire Lane (where else?), looks deadly dull from the outside but it could be a palace of delights on the inside for all I know, I’ve never been inside and don’t intend to. It’s the sort of place where people go to drink and watch football: understandable that; watching professional sport would drive anyone to drink. I do know there was what was described by the police as a “a bit of a melee” between two groups of ‘customers’ last November with one man hit on the head with a glass bottle and another kicked and punched and also damage to the plasma TV ( I bet that put paid to their live sports) and other things. So perhaps it’s not quite so dull after all.

The Yard

25 Mar

Tucked away on Vicar Lane at the back of King’s Buildings I came across what appears to be a pub or a club called the Yard though I can find practically nothing about it on the web. I’m guessing it gets its name from the Grammar School Yard which is just behind the wall on the left or maybe it comes from being a back yard. Anyhow I just liked the imposing gateway which completely dominates the narrow lane.

Heaven & Hell

20 Oct
 Heaven and Hell on Anne Street is, you will be delighted to learn, available for hire. Entrance is free but you can never leave ….