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Knitting Bee

20 May

The neighbourhood knitters of Newland Avenue have been at it again this time on the theme of bees. I wouldn’t fancy being stung by a brute this size. Any hoo, it’s World Bee Day today so I guess this fits in with all that. I’ll buzz off now.

The Cone Zone

16 Sep

Goddard Avenue gets the thorough ligature treatment while major surgery is performed on Newland Avenue, and pedestrians are protected by hundreds of yards of barriers.
But where are the workers, the heavy rollers, the fiery tar dragon laying thick, lovely smelly tarmac? Well it seems they finished the first part early and scarpered before I could get there. But this is a five week show, they’ll be back next week for part two.

Old Chestnuts

26 May

It’s that time of year when the Horse Chestnut trees send forth their floral delights. These contrasting specimens are on the corner of Newland Avenue and Cottingham Road but you can find them spread all over town. Only the white ones produce conkers of any usable size. For some unfathomable reason these are sometimes known as Buckeyes in America … there’s even a fetid buckeye which sounds truly delightful.
Margot took this.

What’s in a name?

17 May

This was once the Blockbuster video rental shop until, well we all know what happened to the video rental business (“Please mammy what’s a video?”). Then it became the Mahattan coffee bar for a while until, bored with that, it underwent a transformation into this: the Tipsy Chicken. Inviting ain’t it? Never mind just across the road and down a bit is a restaurant by the name of the Dirty Bird… tasty.

Hurrah for Bluebells and Kopparberg!

22 Apr

To celebrate St George, the patron saint of England, Englishness and all that goes with it, what could be more fitting, I thought, than some some nice Spanish bluebells and an empty bottle of Swedish cider (mixed fruit, of course!)… there are always those who see this day as a chance to sit in the pub and drink ale, how very un-English!

Margot took the bluebell photo; she has a knack for finding litter lying around, well she found me….

Easter Traditions

14 Apr

The end of the forty days of Lent is in sight and to celebrate some trees on Newland Avenue have been adorned with white knitted rabbits (probably best not to ask what gibbeted rabbits have to do with anything…). Also there are small posters relating how Easter is celebrated in various parts of the world. So in Texas they set the place alight by building Easter fires. Hungarian boys splash girls with perfume so we are told. My favourite, though, was the Lithuanians who whip their relatives with palms to bring wealth. Strangely I could find nothing about the ancient Hull tradition of restoring potatoes to patties (which had been spudless for forty whole days! imagine that…) Ah those Easter patties so warm and filling! Oh and bringing out the chip spice from its sacred Lenten hiding place. Odd there’s no mention of this.

There was a crooked man …

25 Feb

There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile;
He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.