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18 Mar

I pondered why there might be a sliding door all secured and what have you underneath Myton Bridge. Then the answer came to me; it’s obvious when you think about it. This is the home of the famous Hull Troll (“fol-de-rol” ) so be careful or he’ll eat you up for supper.
The weekend in black and white is here.

Going right round the houses

10 Mar

The cars down below were aiming to get on the road up above and had to go the scenic route right through old town; but thanks to these traffic lights they were crawling along at less than walking speed. I hope they enjoyed the culture while they were waiting. This was the scene yesterday and I hear there is another gridlock in town right now but that’s just normal for a Friday.

Stretching things

2 Nov

There’s really nothing new in this picture, the mural you’ve seen before, the bridge and the flood defence ditto; even the pigeon has probably popped up in a few postings. The site behind the mural which was going to be a twenty storey cigarette box or hotel has been sold to an unknown buyer, that is to say unknown to me. This is a panorama shot stitched together then squeezed in sideways and stretched in height just to give a strange view of a really flat scene. You don’t have to like it.

I’m feeling a little wrung out and stretched as well as this household is getting over a wretched weekend of vomiting and diarrhoea caused by some virus, bug or other microbeastie whose vile little existence is either proof of ongoing evolution and adaptation or God’s mysterious and divine plan. Sucks either way.

Beauty business

7 Nov
Myton Bridge, Hull
The female of the species that Desmond Morris once called the naked ape spends a surprising amount of money on removing even the slightest vestiges of hairiness. Which is all good news for the local big pharma company that makes this depilatory cream of Potassium Hydroxide and Potassium Thioglycollate, a market leader in smoothing away those unwanted hairy excrescences. Maybe beauty is in the eye of the shareholder.

Old dog, newish tricks

20 Jul

Ah we all shall be saved from wet feet and damp houses as the announcement is made for a £45 million plan to improve the river Hull’s flood defenses. But do note the plan has been agreed; not the £45 million! If I prattle on about flooding a lot then well it’s the thing that hangs over this area like some wet sword of old what’s his name. Most of the Hull valley and certainly all of the city of Hull itself is below sea-level at high tide. Anyhow one of the proposals is to use the tidal barrier more often as a sluice gate to stop the Humber going upstream during heavy rain as opposed to its current use only during very high tides on the Humber. Seems they’ve already tried it out and it works surprisingly well. So if they get the go ahead and that means amending legislation then the old girl will be in action maybe two or three more times every year. If that doesn’t work then proper sluice gates at a cost of £16 million could be built. And if all that looks like a lot of money then think on that it’s estimated a good flood of the Hull river basin could do £3.4 billion damage and make my feet wet.

Keep focused

8 Jun